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Secondly, we must also consider the risk of price fluctuations. As a monopoly industry, the price of diamonds is mainly controlled by several major diamond producers. In Xiao Leis view, there is currently no official intervention in the international quot


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I think we need to close above $1282 per ounce to confirm the upward trend, but we are getting some confirmation. The low is moving up, and the support has moved up from $1260/oz to $1265/oz. In general, gold has turned from danger to safety, he said, but


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Some market analysts said that the US dollar macro is still the biggest factor depressing gold prices. If the job market data (ADP, initial applications, non-agricultural) improves this week, it will continue to benefit the dollar. However, it is worth me


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In response to future development plans, Yu Xinnian, Chairman of Changyu Gold Products Co., Ltd. stated that Changyu Gold will continue to work closely with partners such as the Expo Administration, Military Museums, Banks, and Mint Co., Ltd., and strive


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Although from the analysis of the polls in the past few weeks, Hillarys odds of winning are slightly higher than Trumps, but this is an era when "black swans" are frequent, and anything can happen. Said Cai Lijian, Managing Director of Zhonghuan


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Information Times (Reporter Lin Jianmin) The decline in gold prices has caused a decline in domestic gold consumption. According to the data released by the Gold Association on July 23, the consumption of domestic gold bars in the first half of this year


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Yesterday morning, Caibai, Guohua, and Gold flagship stores adjusted the price of gold, increasing by 10 yuan per gram. After the increase, the thousand pure gold was 305 yuan/g, and the pure gold was 302 yuan/g. The price of Thousand Pure Gold Jewelry at


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Affected by the fall in the price of gold during Trumps election, the price of gold jewelry in gold shops was lowered by 5 yuan per gram on November 15. At that time, the international gold price was around US$1,220 per ounce. Todays gold price has fallen